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Categories & features: Provides Business Class Online Advertising Solutions offers a unique multimedia solution to help your business reach more qualified buyers around the corner or across the country.

Our business advertising solutions deliver:
Comprehensive Media Mix

We offer a variety of advertising products which allows us to customize an advertising solution to meet the needs of businesses of any size. Our products include:

* Display & Classified Print Advertising – we have eight print publications across Canada to help you advertise to local or national markets
* Online Display Advertising – we offer a variety of online advertising options and sizes (including banners) to help you effectively brand your business
* Online Showrooms & Inventory Management – Our Showroom Plus product offers business-class online advertising plus inventory management.

More Qualified Buyers

* When Canadians want to purchase an item they look to a name they know & trust. 1 in 3 Canadians refer to or one of our Classified publications when buying or selling an item!*
* And when it comes to Canadians looking to buy we deliver – ¾ of our readers & users of our site are actively looking to buy!*
* We also deliver an engaged audience – Canadians who read our publications spend almost twice as much time with them then daily newspapers*.

Better Reach

* Do you want to reach potential customers in your neighbourhood? Across the province? How about all over Canada? Our online advertising solutions give you the option to promote your items to buyers locally or nationally
* Additionally, our extensive print distribution networks help you connect with an additional audience of qualified buyers who purchase our publications across the country

Customer Service

Our Advertising Consultants will work with you to develop the advertising plan & solution that works for your objectives & budget. We have the in-house expertise to help you create the right messaging for your target market.

Vancouver's biggest & best classified publication.

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